Company Profile

LYANWAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is dedicated in Stainless Steel- "Ball Valves, Check Valves for Plumbing, Safety Valves for Plumbing, Faucet Stems for Plumbing, ressure Reducing Valves / Pressure Regulators" with operations in Taiwan.

Specialized Expertise in Manufacturing Arbors, Bushings, Core Tubes, and Special-purpose Nuts Hole grinding and polishing services for parts and accessories of food-processing machinery also available! The company mainly produces ball valve, providing customers size requirements, Floating ball / Fixed ball / hollow ball / and solid ball, ball valve of the company's largest 24 inches can be done, please provide surface to facilitate the operation.

We have over 40 years of production experience, for any kind of pipe material and products and parts, are able to have a solution, please contact us! Also welcome special material made!